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  • February 9, 2022

Health√Check is a program that provides the opportunity for Food Pantry clients to have their vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, blood oxygen level, temperature, and blood sugar) checked on a regular basis.  The program is conducted by a registered nurse, under the direction of the Plymouth Community Food Pantry.  The program is voluntary and if you are interested in participating, please read the details below.

  • The days Health√Check is operational will vary week to week. The nurse will be here most of the days we are open.
    • To have your vital signs checked, simply let the produce volunteer know when you enter the Pantry, and she will then set carry out the procedure before or after you shop.
    • Each participant will be assigned a number so that their personal information remains anonymous.
    • All vital signs will be recorded by the nurse on an index card, kept on file by the nurse and shared with the Director of the Food Pantry for the purpose of monitoring the success of the program.  All data shared will be associated with a number only to protect anonymity. 
    • The participant may choose to have their vital signs given to them verbally or written on a small index card.
    • The nurse will not provide any medical counseling.  It will be up to the participant to recognize when a change in a vital sign warrant contacting their primary care doctor or any other medical professional.
    • The nurse will identify healthy foods stocked by the Pantry and help them to understand the benefits of a healthy diet.

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