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If you would like to make a donation to help us reduce food insecurity by providing healthy and nutritious food, wellness programs, and referrals to those in need, please click the donate button.

The Plymouth Community Food Pantry is open to any Connecticut household in need of food. If you or someone you know are food insecure call 860-584-1750 and leave a message. We will get back to you within a day.

Thank You for your contributions from the food drive held at the Adams Hometown Market.

Food Donations

You contributed 12202 lbs of food, valued at $2043.

Money Donations

You donated $867 in cash.

Thank You

Your generosity towards those who are food insecure us a wonderful example of neighbors looking out for neighbors.

Our Mission

@ Plymouth Community Food Pantry


We will demonstrate respect towards on another, the clients we serve, donors, and members of the community. Through respect, all those associated with the Food Pantry will be empowered to express their thoughts and engage in discussion of policies and practices, while maintaining their dignity.


We accept the trust given to us by clients, donors, Foodshare, and the community we serve, to operate the Food Pantry as am organization that is efficiently productive, while being an integral part of our community’s humanitarian outreach. We view it as our obligation to manage our resources (through donations, community collaboration, and inventory) in a careful and responsible manner.


We will use our knowledge, expertise, resources, and creativity, to continuously develop and implement programs that will enhance the lives of our clients in a productive and efficient manner.


We will educate as we innovate. All programs developed and implemented shall lead to an increase of knowledge and wellness for our clients. Providing programs that educate about nutritious foods, healthy diet, and wellness will benefit every demographic of the households we serve. Children learn better, adults are more apt to move themselves and their household forward, and seniors have a better chance to avoid illness.



As with all households, our pantry     

sometimes runs low on certain items.  These

are items that we usually have to purchase.



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Help Reduce Hunger By Donating Today!