About Plymouth Community Food Pantry

About Us


We envision a community that is committed to providing any food insecure person with equitable access to
food, wellness, and available resources.

Mission Statement

The Plymouth Community Food Pantry reduces food insecurity by providing healthy and nutritious food,
wellness programs, and community referrals to those in need.


We, the Board of Directors, paid staff, and volunteers, believe in helping Connecticut residents, in need, R.I.S.E. above adversity through:.


We will demonstrate respect towards one another, the clients we serve, donors, and members of the community. Through respect, all those associated with the Food Pantry will be empowered to express their thoughts and engage in discussion of policies and practices, while maintaining their dignity.


We will use our knowledge, expertise, resources, and creativity, to continuously develop and implement programs that will enhance the lives of our clients in a productive and efficient manner.


We accept the trust given to us by clients, donors, Foodshare, and the community we serve, to operate the Food Pantry as an organization that is efficiently productive, while being an integral part of our community’s humanitarian outreach. We view it as our obligation to manage our resources (through donations, community collaboration, and inventory) in a careful and responsible manner.


We will educate as we innovate. All programs developed and implemented shall lead to an increase of knowledge and wellness for our clients. Providing programs that educate about nutritious foods, healthy diet, and wellness will benefit every demographic of the households we serve. Children learn better, adults are more apt to move themselves and their household forward, and seniors have a better chance to avoid illness.


Every household pantry runs low at some time.  The Plymouth Community Food Pantry is no different.  You can help us by donating some of the items listed below.  These items hardly ever change because we seldom receive them from our partner, Connecticut Foodshare.  We usually purchase them.  Your thoughtfulness is appreciated

Drop-Off Points

Plymouth Community Food Pantry

20 Dewey Ave., Terryville, Mon. & Wed. 1 hour before opening

Plymouth Volunteer Ambulance Corp.

191 Main St., Terryville, Rear Lobby

Adams Hometown Market

331 Main St. Terryville, basket by cash registers




Canned Pasta & Ravioli

Peanut Butter

Baked Beans


Boxed Potatoes



Coffee & Tea

Pancake Mix


Baked Goods Cake Mix Brownie Mix Muffin Mix Flour & Sugar

Personal Care Shampoo, Deodorant, Bar Soap, Tooth Paste

Condiments Ketchup, Mayo, Mustard, Dressing 

Nutritional Drinks         Ensure/Boost Regular &    Glucose Control 

Gift Cards to Adams IGA


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